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Are your fonts cutting off halfway?

  Is the Google webfont Oswald cutting off halfway in your website? The Problem The problem deals with locally loaded fonts as opposed to dynamically loaded fonts. This happens with font-weight:300 on the Oswald font. The Solution You need to force the browser to load the…

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Woocommerce Wishlist button on content-single-product.php

We searched for this tirelessly! In order to add the “Add to wishlist” button into your custom built content-single-product.php you must add this line to the top of your file:

Then add this code where you want the button to appear:

Done. If…

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Tired of using Bridge for image resizing, use sips

Use the command line in terminal on your macbook pro in order to resize a directory full of images. This works beautifully:

The command is sips -Z : Resample image so height and width aren’t greater than specified size. 1200 : The width I want…

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Google Fonts + SkyFonts

We all love Google Fonts as designers and developers because they give you so many FREE options for fonts. Instead of using cufon or @font-face which don’t always translate from design to development real well we use google fonts because they are real fonts that sync quite…

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Removing WooThemes Updater Plugin Notice and IgniteWoo Updater Notice

The Solution Add these lines of text to your functions.php file in your theme folder:

  The Explanation We noticed after the installation of the new version of Woocommerce, WooThemes and IgniteWoo Plugins there will be a notice that is shown in the WordPress…

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Getting the YouTube tag with PHP

The Solution

The Explanation The piece PHP code above will allow you to extract the ID number inside of various youtube URLs. This helps you so that your client isn’t required to remember which URL will work when the post a custom field. Here…

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Where is this  coming from?

The Issue: You’re compiling HTML (4 or 5) code and think everything is fine and dandy — until you upload the code and suddenly see weird characters like “” in the browser. What happened? The Explanation: This typically occurs when copying from Microsoft Word to…

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Blurry Jpegs in WordPress (multiple solutions)

Today we find ourselves pulling our hair out as a result of trying to resize JPEGs in WordPress. The Issue: We are currently working on a project where we needed to upload multiple images. Once that was done, we could use the trustee AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plug-in…

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Removing Breadcrumbs in WooCommerce

The Solution: Go to the functions.php file in your theme’s folder (i.e. /wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php) and add the following code before the end of the file and before the ?> (if it exists):

  The Explanation: WooCommerce is a fantastic ecommerce solution; but recently, while working on…

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