Are your fonts cutting off halfway?


Is the Google webfont Oswald cutting off halfway in your website?

The Problem


The problem deals with locally loaded fonts as opposed to dynamically loaded fonts. This happens with font-weight:300 on the Oswald font.

The Solution

You need to force the browser to load the external font dynamically.

Use this code in your CSS file:

You will also have to change any reference to this font in your CSS. Change all instances of


This tells the browser to look locally for Google-Oswald. Which the user should not have installed that way. It will fail and go to the external reference to load.

Also REMOVE any other reference of the Oswald font, usually we append it in the <head> of our <html> like so:

Clear you cache and you will be happy with the results!

This method was found here and could also work for any other font that is loading odd for your client.